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The Ray Howell Estate  -  Live Auction

Starts: Thu, Jan 25 at 7:00 PM US/Eastern

LIVE AUCTION - Thursday, Jan. 25th at 7pm
Comfort Inn & Suites, HWY 67, Statesboro, GA

Your chance to purchase land in Bulloch County, GA.

309+/- acres ---- This property is ideal for farming, home sites, recreation, and future development. Located at the intersection of Akins Pond Road and Middlground Road, Statesboro, GA

Featuring parcels from 5+ acres and up. The property is offered as a whole or divided. Please Call auction manager Rusty Lane for details and questions. 478-455-1861

CLICK HERE for property information packet

CLICK HERE for preliminary subdivision map

CLICK HERE for current survey 309+/- acres

CLICK HERE to view the bidder bank letter of credit. Bidders must fill out this form prior to bidding at the auction. Unless pre-authorized by auction company.

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Real Estate Auction Terms and Conditions


South Auction and Realty is acting exclusively as an agent for the Seller and does not represent the Purchaser or any bidder in any manner.

Successful bidders will immediately tender 20% of the Purchase Price as earnest money - in the form of cash, personal or company check - along with a signed a real estate contract. Purchaser will owe the remaining balance at closing. A 10% buyer's premium will be added to high bid to arrive at the Purchase Price.

Bank Letter of Credit: All bidders must present a Bank Letter of Credit prior to bidding. South Auction and Realty reserves the right to waive this requirement in its sole and absolute discretion.

Bidding Format:
The method that produces the best offer to the Seller will determine how this property sells.

All surveying will be done by Donaldson Surveying, Swainsboro, Georgia 30401, (478) 237-3107, a land surveyor registered in the State of Georgia to perform a boundary survey of the Property in accordance with the minimum technical requirements for the State of Georgia, and meeting all requirements of Bulloch County and certified in favor of Purchaser and Seller. The Survey shall be subject to Seller’s approval. The Surveyor will charge 35 cents per linear foot on all exterior lines. Interior lines will be billed at 35 cents per linear foot. If a line is shared with another Purchaser, each Purchaser will pay 17.50 cents per linear foot. The final purchase price shall be determined by the surveyed acres. It is understood that the acreage and dimensions of the tracts will likely vary from the advertised acres according to actual survey. All survey expenses will be paid by the Purchaser. For this fee, the Surveyor will mark all property corners and provide the Purchaser with a recorded plat that can be referenced by the closing attorney to convey the purchased property. This fee does not include the actual opening of the lines.
The Surveyor will open lines for an additional fee. As used herein, the term “surveyed acreage” means the total gross acreage of the Property without any deduction for any portion thereof located within the bounds of any roadways (except deeded roadways), easements or other rights-of-way, including, without limitation, electric transmission lines or other utility easements. In the event either party defaults under the terms of this Contract, the defaulting party will be responsible for the survey expense. All boundary lines shown on auction material are estimated lines and are not exact property lines. Exact property lines shall be determined by survey. All acreage referenced in the brochures and on signs are estimated acres. The actual acreage of a parcel is not guaranteed by the Seller or the Auctioneer and represents only a good faith estimate. Bidder acknowledges and agrees that if Bidder is bidding on a “per acre” basis, Bidder is willing to pay that “per acre” amount for the actual number of acres in the parcel as determined by survey. If Bidder is bidding for a tract on a “lump sum” basis, Bidder acknowledges that Bidder has been informed and knowingly accepts the risk that the actual acreage of a parcel may vary up to ten percent (10%) from that advertised at auction without price adjustment and Bidder has taken such fact into consideration when bidding. If actual acreage of a parcel varies by more than ten percent (10%) from the acreage advertised at auction, Bidder agrees that the Purchase Price shall be adjusted upward or downward based on actual acres shown by survey, such Purchase Price to be a per acre price of Bidder’s original bid price if such bid were per acre for the advertised acreage at auction multiplied by the actual acreage shown by survey.
Donaldson Surveying has already performed a boundary survey. That plat will be included in your packet. If this property sells as a whole the Purchaser shall pay Donaldson Surveying $10,000 for this survey and a recordable plat. This is not negotiable.
All purchasers will be notified when the surveys have been completed either by letter or email. Each purchaser will have 15 days after receipt of written notification of the survey to close their purchase or they will forfeit all earnest money and their contract will be considered void. Receipt of notice of completion of survey shall be assumed on the date an email is sent or three (3) days after a letter is mailed by U.S. mail.
All closing costs shall be paid by the Purchaser.
All real estate transactions will close on or before March 1st, 2018, unless the plat of survey has not been completed by surveyor or approved by all required governmental bodies by such time. If not ready or not yet approved, Seller shall have a unilateral right to extend one or more closings for not more than One Hundred and Twenty (120) days to finalize such survey or obtain required plat approval. If Seller cannot obtain a recordable plat for the parcel in question during such extension, Seller shall have a unilateral right to cancel any or all contracts and refund earnest money to Purchaser with no further liability hereunder.
Laura Marsh Esquire with firm of Taulbee, Rushing, Snipes, Marsh, and Hodgin will handle all closings. For an estimate on closing cost feel free to contact Laura at (912)764-9055 or

Special Notes:
A. No Personal Property is included with the auction unless otherwise specifically specified herein or at auction. All Personal Property from the Lane Brothers Auction will be removed before closing with the following exception.
B. Seller may leave items of personal property on any or all of the tracts in Seller’s discretion. Purchaser of each tract is entitled to ownership of any items of personal property left on the property as of the date of closing. Seller has no responsibility to remove any such items. Removal of such items, and any costs associated therewith, is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the Purchaser.
  1. South Auction and Realty Inc. nor the Seller guarantees that each auction sign is accurately placed on the property being sold.
    2. All Sellers have the right to accept or decline any high bid. All Buyers will be notified within three (3) business days if their bid is accepted.
    3. Please contact the auction company before inspecting the property. All inspections are at your own risk and you agree to indemnify and hold both Sellers and the auction company harmless from any injuries, damages or losses that may be sustained as a result of such inspection.
    4. South Auction and Realty Inc. reserves the right to suspend one’s bidding privileges for any reason or no reason. South Auction and Realty can elect to do so before, during, or after an auction with no notice to the bidder.
    5. South Auction and Realty Inc. has the right to extend the ending date of any auction or property.
    6. All sales are final.
    7. By bidding on any item, the bidder shows acceptance of the terms of the auction and is responsible for closing on the property if they are the high bidder.
    8. The auction company reserves the right to refuse service to any person.
    9. All property is sold as is, where is and all sales are final. Property is open to thorough public inspection. It is the Bidders responsibility to determine condition. Without limiting the foregoing, Seller and South Auction and Realty Inc. and their respective agents and representatives make no warranty with respect to: any specific zoning classifications or that the property qualifies for any specific use or purpose; availability or location of utilities; availability of building, driveway, water or septic permits; or any information or materials prepared by or provided by any third party regarding the auction property.
    10. If you are the successful buyer you will be required to sign and execute a purchase contract. A copy of the contract is attached hereto and made a part of the terms and conditions by reference. The terms of these documents are non-negotiable. You will be closing on the tract or combination of tracts on which you are the successful bidder in the manner in which you bid at the auction. 11. With Respect to Parcel 12 of the Auctioned Property Only: Seller discloses to Purchaser that there is currently a lease on this property of all or a portion of the property and a mobile home located on the property. Seller represents to Purchaser that it is an oral month to month lease. The mobile home is owned by the Estate of Ray Howell and Purchaser shall be entitled to the physical possession of the mobile home with the Property, subject to the lease described above. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Seller makes no representations or warranties with respect to the ability of Seller to transfer a legal title to the mobile home or the condition of the mobile home. Purchaser shall purchase the Property subject to the lease and all obligations and liabilities associated therewith and shall accept the mobile home “AS IS/WHERE IS” subject to no obligation whatsoever of Seller, Auction Company or closing attorney to provide a mobile home title. To the extent that Purchaser desires to pursue a duplicate or replacement title on the mobile home, Seller agrees to take commercially reasonable steps to do so, provided that all work associated therewith is performed by Purchaser and paid for by Purchaser. PURCHASER ASSUMES ALL RISKS OF NOT BEING ABLE TO OBTAIN A TITLE TO THE MOBILE HOME. 12. With Respect to Parcel 12 of the Auctioned Property Only: Seller represents and discloses to Purchaser that there is no deep well or shallow well of which Seller or any Seller is aware located on Parcel 12. Parcel 12 is presently receiving water from a well located on Parcel 13 and Parcel 13 shall only be obligated to continue to provide such water to Parcel 12 (including the mobile home and tenant thereon) for one hundred twenty (120) days from the date Parcel 13 is purchased. Purchaser specifically assumes all risks associated with there being no well located on Parcel 12.
  2. With Respect to Parcel 13 of the Auctioned Property Only: Parcel 13 shall be transferred to Purchaser subject to the covenant that Purchaser shall continue to allow uninhibited use of the well located on Parcel 13 to provide water to the adjacent Parcel 12” for a period of one hundred twenty (120) days following the closing at no cost to the owner or tenant of Parcel 12.



Property Information Packet



Preliminary Subdivision Map


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